la relation entre les parents et les enfants

the world exists, parents have nothing more expensive than their children. In find
even some who do the work in their place (homework, room, bed …).
relationship between parents and children
why are parents not to behave this way? and in
what situations do they still have to help them?
, children are more and more busy with homework and exercises;
which push some parents to do this work in their place (and even arrange
their room and bed …).
In the first
place, we will present the causes for which parents should
not do the work in place of their children.
In the second
place, we will show in which cases they should help them.
children, but that is not right for them to do everything in their place.
Among the
causes for which they must avoid this behavior, we first find
the difficulty of understanding the courses for a child whose parents do the
homework and exercises in its place.
the exercises are given to better understand the lesson and master his
knowledge, so if the parents do not give the child this opportunity it
will always remain weak.
a child who is used to not working is finished, so he
does not even fix his room and his bed, he will always wait for others to
do things in his place.
the most important reason is the responsibility that the child who
relies too much on his parents will miss .
He will be
unable to make decisions on his own, especially since his parents
will not always be with him.
parents should not do everything in their children’s
shoes and have to give them a chance to learn by themselves.
parents should not leave children to themselves.
It is
essential that they come to their aid for several reasons.
In fact,
they can help them when the exercises are too difficult and they do
not understand how to do them.
So the
role of the
parents and explain and encourage by rewards if the child succeeds.

addition, the role
of parents and teach children how to do things properly
to save time and thus give them the notion of managing it.

Finally, thanks
to their experience, parents can transmit to their offspring the
tricks of life, the means to succeed and be a good citizen while
giving them examples of famous personalities.
To conclude,
we presented the causes for which parents do not have to do
all the work in place of their children.
As we have
shown also why it is necessary for them to
help them.
In my opinion, and
based on all the above, I do not agree with the total dependence
of children on their parents.


would not it be better for the child to be autonomous since his / her lowest age?

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